Anime is one of those categories that prove to delight those people who are open to imagination. It is a genre in itself where we come across stories we will never find anywhere around be it Hollywood, Bollywood or anywhere. It basically can be called a visual story book where all sorts of crazy and amazing things can happen.

Now, in India, people are more rooted towards family matters and they tend to think that once you become an adult, you must always be serious in almost anything you do. Indians are pretty much engrossed in day to day family matters and job. Family conflicts is one of the main themes in soaps of India. Its is just recently that the themes are being diversified and we can see soaps which talk about love, success and friendship. We all know that we need to understand these themes as a person but you know, there is something called imagination. Cartoons are not always there for laughing out and enjoying. Well, it is one of the parameters but that is what makes it unique. But people don’t look down any deeper than that.

maxresdefaultDoraemon and Chota Bheem are pretty popular among the children here. What sets them apart is that both teach the children to be a good person all in all and never give up in their lives. But you can see the amount of creativity put in Doraemon with all the different types of gadgets and the method of explaining them logically. It can easily be watched by a teenager as much as a child. The same cannot be said for Chota Bheem.

79ndmacNow, here comes a second idea which is pretty retarded about Indians. We, as kids, have watched films full of violence, with guns signifying original weapons and inhumane killing but those are “OK” for children. But when it comes to Anime, they are banned because Naruto uses his “Rasengan” to attack an enemy. “RASENGAN” (a type of attack which focuses wind energy in your palm). I mean the Government, even after knowing the truth, takes Bollywood as general entertainment for all age groups normally but assumes that anime is for small children. So, this has become one of the major parameters for anime not becoming popular in India.

In India, the animation industry is pretty much in its early stages. People have started adapting the 2D animation pretty well but they are taking the example of the cartoon of the past. There are so many themes that can be conveyed to the teenagers of today through the medium of Anime. Take it the school life or the challenges ahead of you. You may also not be so much into reading novels, but Anime is just the right alternative. Themes which teach you about all types of love, themes of the past and future era. Themes of science fiction.

Even when somebody shows their love for anime, the people around just ignore his/her recommendations and make a joke of it thinking he is still a kid. The main problem of people here is that they just assume a lot of things without giving it a try. Even when they try for the first time, many of them become arrogant after seeing the amazing content hidden in these genre and just try to protect their earlier attitude towards it instead of accepting the truth. I would say that you should at least give it a try before giving their opinions about it. Some popular anime recommendations would be Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Attack on Titans, Kimi no na wa.

Peace out..


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